Jura Giga 5: Setting new standards in performance and aesthetics, the Giga 5 features two ceramic disc grinders, 2.6-liter water tank, a monitored drip tray, two heating systems, a variable brewing chamber, height-adjustable coffee spout and an Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma system that allows the coffee aroma to fully develop. It’s professional technology that lets you brew an unprecedented range of drinks in the comfort of your own home.
Prodotto	GET speciale per una pulizia 200 x 1,6 G capsule per il caffè automatiche completamente e macchine da caffè	Macchina del caffè professionale Jura 15003 GIGA X3c Macchina da caffe completamente automatica che prepara più di 30 specialità di ...	3 x doppia spazzola, pulizia spazzola 3 mm/7 mm per latte tubo, caldaia, caffè completamente automatiche ad esempio Bosch, Siemens, Ju...	2 m latte tubo flessibile e per una pulizia facile e spazzola per Jura ENA, Impressa caffè completamente automatiche	Jura 2-phase Cleaning e anticalcare per macchine da caffè completamente automatica 18 Count White

There are other factors to consider, such as color and material, but most Jura machines come with customizable aesthetics. We will cover more in-depth things to know in the next couple of sections, but for now, hold on to this list of general thoughts as we begin to browse the different Jura lines and examine what each different type of machine has to offer.