For a while I toyed with the idea of getting one of those super-duper ultramodern coffee machines that you see on tv now and then, the kind that can (apparently) make 34 different kind of coffee "specialities" with chocolate, milk and whatnot, the kind whose ADs strangely always include one or more scantly-cladded girls and where they NEVER talk about what the coffee tastes like. Just like the ADs for soft drinks where the fact thate there is a soft drink involved seems more of a problem than anything and the producer would have gladly disposed of...
Ci sono altri fattori da considerare, quali il colore e materiale, ma la maggior parte delle macchine di Jura sono dotati di estetica personalizzabile. Ci occuperemo più approfondite cose da sapere in un paio di sezioni, ma per ora, aggrappati a questo elenco di pensieri generali come cominciamo a sfogliare le diverse linee di Jura ed esaminare quello che ciascun tipo di macchina ha da offrire.
It makes maintenance much easier (once you’ve learned all of the elements), and it ensures that your machine will last a long time.Secondly, the quality of the grinder is superb, and we love the way that it dispenses a variety of coffees. In the end, the E6 is perfect for all coffee connoisseurs, and it will enhance your enjoyment of these beverages.
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