Pulizia delicata e duratura: con le pastiglie di pulizia Oputec si possono rimuovere in modo affidabile sgradevole depositi di grasso, oli di caffè, grassi del caffè e altri residui di caffè o tè. Le compresse sono prive di coloranti, profumi e conservanti. La vostra macchina sarà quindi protetta al meglio, in modo che possiate godervi il vostro caffè a pieno ritmo.
With most super automatic machines, when preparing your favorite drink there is undoubtedly going to be a loss of quality in the process, but that is not the case with the PrimaDonna S Deluxe from DeLonghi. The ECAM26455M uses an integrated frothing system and the milk container in order to immediately deliver to your cup both the right amount of frothed or steamed milk and freshly brewed espresso.
The integrated 4.3” high-resolution colour touchscreen display makes the machine incredibly simple to operate. A gentle touch with your fingertip on the screen, and your favourite beverage flows into the cup. The innovative operating concept with an eye-catching screen succeeds because it is so clear, simple and modern. Graphics and animations show every step of preparation, guiding the user through the process. The concept is designed to help you find what you want quickly. Individual preferences can be programmed in a few easy steps, allowing you to rename, move, copy or duplicate products in no time. If preferred, you can also control the coffee machine with the free, continually updated JURA Coffee App.
On the downside, the bean storage is temperamental, after filling sometimes the beans won't feed into the grinder requiring a prod to continue and despite using a drier roast, not all beans get fed into the grinder when it is "empty." The final minor irritation is that the control button requires multiple rotational clicks before it functions.” James U., Amazon Customer
Ci sono due modi per fare la schiuma e vapore. Senza entrare nei dettagli, uno di questi è un allegato che non rimane molto bene a causa della alta pressione del vapore. Quando si stacca spray vapore dappertutto fino a quando si preme il pulsante del vapore ancora. Questo è accaduto a me un paio di volte e mentre non ha fatto bruciare me, è abbastanza una sorpresa. Solo farlo da altra parte
There are other factors to consider, such as color and material, but most Jura machines come with customizable aesthetics. We will cover more in-depth things to know in the next couple of sections, but for now, hold on to this list of general thoughts as we begin to browse the different Jura lines and examine what each different type of machine has to offer.