Modificare - 15/01/2015: otto e mezzo anni più tardi, questo gioiello è ancora sfornare ottimo caffè. L'avevo servito dalla meravigliosa gente di CoffeeBoss a Cornelius, NC dello scorso anno, e ancora sta andando forte con un conteggio di tazza di 9.922. Il gruppo erogatore non è utente riparabili, quindi dovrebbe essere occasionali operazioni di manutenzione. Io uso acqua distillata (al costo di sapore, lo so) ora che sono tornato in città su acqua comunale, così non ho bisogno o utilizzare il filtro Claris (raccomando per rubinetto/pozzetto acqua, però), e io uso una pastiglia per la pulizia all'interno di 5-10 tazze di quando inizia lo chiede sul display LED.
Super Automatic Espresso Machines are remarkable devices that provide the pinnacle of espresso machine automation. They literally do almost everything for you but drink your espresso. A super automatic espresso machine typically will grind your coffee beans, properly measure them and the water to be used, froth milk for you, and dispense a perfect beverage for you with the touch of a button. Further, they will remember your favorite recipes and customization.
“My first impression was a great machine well built; the manual was more challenging than it should have been but not hard to follow. Once I got the machine set up it's been delivering consistently great coffee, the dry grounds it produces make cleaning easy, the display makes maintenance pretty self-explanatory, the operation is quiet, and it's an obvious improvement over my previous machine.
Six years and 7540 shots of espresso. The only downside of this machine is that it is too easy to use so that you end up drinking more cups than you might otherwise. It's very fast to heat up, both for the main heating block, as well as for steam. The steamer wand takes some practice to get good, tight foam, but once you figure out the technique it's not difficult. The openings in the wand can clog up if you don't wipe it down right after use. I also give a short blast of steam right after that as well. After about five years we bundled it up and sent it in to the factory for cleaning and reconditioning. It came back as good as new and it's still going strong. About the only real negative aspect to the machine is that it tends to be a bit noisy, but probably no more so than someone using a fully manual pull machine and grinder.