And indeed it was one of those simple and stupid thing where you pour water in one side, put a filter and the coffee in another side (in this order, if you put the coffee first and then the filter on top it doesn't work too well) then you put a mug or something underneath and push a button and in about ten minutes the machine start gurgling while a black scented liquid is pouring into the mug. And that black stuff is the propellent required to jump start my brain in the morning. 

Jura elevates the bean to cup experience. Certain models, including the GIGA 5, Z9, J6, S9, E8 and ENA Micro 90 are equipped with One-Touch technology to brew the perfect cup cappuccino at the touch of a button. Newer models freature Jura's Pulse Extraction Process which improves the quality of your espresso. Several of the Swiss-made machines produce coffee and espresso to your exact specifications for strength, volume and temperature with flavor that is on par with the best cafes in the world—and it’s brewed with the touch of a button. Commercial Jura machines for the workplace are also available. With Jura machines ranging from $799 to $8,995, there is a model for every coffee lover. Call us today and let us help you find the perfect Jura coffee center for your needs.

When it comes to grinding the coffee beans, the ESAM3500.N has an integrated conical burr grinder which allows you to further adjust the fineness of your selected settings. Other excellent features you’re going to love about this model include the decalcification system which alerts you when you have to clean the machine, a hot water sport for hot chocolate and tea, 2 boilers (stainless steel) for greater durability and faster recovery, but also a 60 oz water reservoir (removable) and a seven oz bean container.
Portare l'aspetto e il sapore di una casa di caffè professionale nella vostra casa con la macchina Quickmill Andreja elegantemente progettato. Completo con aggiornamenti di stato-of-the-art premium, la nuova Andreja ha tutto il che necessario per fare un caffè dalla comodità della propria casa, come il vostro molto proprio caffettiera commerciale professionale. Sue parti di alta qualità sono di qualità testati per garantire funzionalità e durata nel tempo.
Jura A1: The newest addition to the brand’s award-winning line of automatic coffee centers, the Micro 1 is an ultra-compact one-cup machine that brews the perfect cup of espresso. Program the machine for three defined cup sizes, two aroma levels and an aroma preservation cover that keeps the coffee beans fresh. The small but powerful machine also has an intelligent preheating feature that ensures the coffee and crema are the perfect temperature.

Jura Impressa A5 One Touch Coffee Machine, 1450 Watt, 15 Bar, Platinum Bought for £958.49 Only used for 6 months Product description JURA IMPRESSA A5 ONE TOUCH MACCHINA CAFFE' AUTOMATICA 1450 WBox Contains 1 x JURA IMPRESSA A5 One Touch Cappuccino Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine with integrated fine foam milk frother1 x 35cm Silicone milk tube with connector1 x Pre-ground coffee spoon1 x Pre-ground coffee funnel1 x Water hardness test strip1 x JURA IMPRESSA A5 User Instruction ManualJURA Machine passport25 Month JURA Warranty registration information
BEST ANSWER: You could get a different Jura model with a separate chute to add ground coffee. Add ground decaf (or flavored ground coffee) to the chute and you can leave the regular beans in the hopper. You should also consider the Jura with a separate ground coffee shoot if you like regular coffee that’s flavored. Grinding flavored coffee beans is not a good idea as they are coated with a flavoring oil which can gum up the internal grinder. It’s worth the added cost if you need to make decaf now and then and also want to try other types of flavors/coffees without emptying the hopper.
La Z6 racchiude incredibili prestazioni in dimensioni compatte. Tutti gli elementi di controllo sono comodamente accessibili sulla parte anteriore. La rimozione del serbatoio dell'acqua e il riempimento del contenitore dei chicchi anche avvenire comodamente dalla parte anteriore. L'utente può rinominare le diverse specialità di caffè e posizionarli sulla schermata start. Non esistono limiti alla fantasia. La manutenzione è semplice come preparare un caffè: un tocco di un pulsante è tutto ciò che è necessario.

The large water tank and grounds container allow you to produce large quantities of coffee at a time, making this system ideal for office settings or large gatherings. Two thermo-block heating systems ensure temperature control, while a precision burr grinder with 6 settings allows you ultimate control over your the coarseness of your coffee grounds.
Design caratteristico JURA riflette precisione e qualità nei minimi dettagli. Il nuovo microschiuma professional sulla S8 è fatto da materiali di altissima qualità e ha un aspetto mozzafiato. Appositamente progettato per la preparazione di specialità di caffè con latte e schiuma di latte, rende latte macchiato e altre bevande con la schiuma molto migliore con texture belle – ogni volta. Grafica e animazioni moderne sul display rendono più facile che mai da utilizzare.
Jura has focused on producing espresso machines that provide the utmost in quality and innovation. The company has been making historic products ever since its inception in 1994 for the Espresso and Coffee brewing arena. Jura coffee centers not only deliver superior performance, convenience, and reliability, but are also designed with elegance and style that give each of their espresso coffee machines a rare blend of form and function.

With its harmonious clean lines, the stylish S line exudes quality and precision in every way. It combines the best of the compact class with elements of the premium segment, including a hint of the GIGA. The impressive range of specialities and the stunning result in the cup satisfy even the most demanding coffee connoisseurs. The operating concept is based on simplicity and intelligence. The JURA S line creates a new segment in coffee machines: the premium mid-segment.
For a while I toyed with the idea of getting one of those super-duper ultramodern coffee machines that you see on tv now and then, the kind that can (apparently) make 34 different kind of coffee "specialities" with chocolate, milk and whatnot, the kind whose ADs strangely always include one or more scantly-cladded girls and where they NEVER talk about what the coffee tastes like. Just like the ADs for soft drinks where the fact thate there is a soft drink involved seems more of a problem than anything and the producer would have gladly disposed of...
Il ECAM28465 utilizza un sistema integrato di formazione di schiuma e il contenitore del latte al fine di consegnare immediatamente alla vostra tazza sia la giusta quantità di latte emulsionato o al vapore e caffè espresso appena macinato. Non è tutto anche se: è inoltre possibile ottenere un riscaldamento thermoblock doppio in acciaio inox rivestito che fornisce al vapore ed erogazione di potenza per le vostre varie bevande di caffè. Infine, si può dire addio al caffè espresso e altre bevande di qualsiasi sapore metallico nel caffè che hai probabilmente con altre macchine e questo è perché la primadonna S dotato di un rivestimento che impedisce che il caso in acciaio.
I bought this machine 2 years ago for my husband for Christmas. It is high quality makes wonderful coffee BUT the machine has now gone wrong a few days after the 2 year guarantee ran out! I searched the internet for reviews and found another review site with a report that the same problem happened a couple of days after their guarantee ran out and Jura would not help as it was 2 days out of guarantee! They state to get it repaired is costly. Unfortunately I have that wonderful experience to come. For an expensive quality machine if this is what is going to happen be careful. Otherwise whilst it works it is a great product.
“My wife and I love this espresso maker. It makes a wonderful and hot espresso, cappuccino and coffee. It is easy to use as well as maintain daily and seems fairly foolproof for me. Love that Jura has added so many automated reminders and safety features to keep it easily running in tip-top shape. My only knock on it is that the milk frother does not get the milk foam quite hot enough. Drinks requiring a bit more milk (e.g., latte macchiato) tend to cool the overall drink down a bit too much for our tastes.” - Edmond, Amazon User